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Journal number 2 ∘ Tamar Lazariashvili

Expanded Summary

In the article is estimated the supporting politics of attracting financial resources ; is proved its vital importance for the economy. Is analyzed the system of subsidizing  of viticulture-vine-growing and is made  the conclusion that the advantage of subsidizing will support providing minimal prices and direct financing of the  crops.

Agriculture in Georgia has the biggest economic and social role. It is often discussed as one of the ways of overcoming poverty. Nowadays the production .made in the agriculture of Georgia is less competiveness than foreign production and can’t  manage to assume the important part of the market. The country has a big amount of non-assumed potential in the agriculture. One of the ways of assuming and stimulating  this production in Georgia as in foreign countries is considered the politics of subsidizing.        

In the viticulture from one hand is felt the support from the state and from the other hand are realized the wide opportunities of marketing of the production produced by them in   conditions of existing of the Russian market. In the case of establishing the expect   of non-stopped  politics with the connection of growing volumes of  subsidizing for vine-growers it will be changed according to its producing decisions, it will be more oriented on the volume of production and on the growing of the areas of the vineyards. The supporting politics of the state can play  a supporting role in the development of the agrarian sector of Georgia. The first goal by this aspect in the market of agrarian product is important change of  importing product that won’t be managed without supporting of the state. The vine-growers  get  important  loss by the natural disasters and they can’t often manage to get the necessary amounts for insuring these risks. In these conditions  the state can take its part in the insurance of crops. It often happens that the vine –growers  who take credits aren’t able to refund them .Thus they are left without crops in the case of damage of the crops and won’t be able to take additional credits and to realize new investments. With the help of the effective insurance system is possible to compensate their losses and realize non-stopped development of the farming.    

The politics of subsidizing on this stage is considered to be kept so as it is represented nowadays.  It must be attached on the volume of production in order to stimulate the growth of viticulture and the production of grapes. Existing of subsidizing makes the feeling of stabilizing for vine=growers and provides the additional incomes for them. That’s why it can be explained that 90 percent of vine-growers  won’t  make the area of the vineyards  wider in the case of cancelling of subsidizing. 

On the certain stage  it can be discussed to give big subsidies for the vine-growers in Georgia that will provide stabilized incomes for them and will support the growth of creditability  for them. The negative side of the fixed subsidizing is, that it can reduce  the stimulus  of growing   volumes of production and they may use these subsidies in other directions. It’s necessary to activate investigations to this directions in order to improve the supporting politics of the state and to work out the optimal model of subsidizing. 

Besides subsidies the vine-growers need additional stimulus that are connected with  reducing  the risks. That’s why it’s necessary to keep the system of agrarian  insurance  where the state will be the  participant.

Family  farming  often needs additional financial resources of growing their activities. By this aspect the role of the state is important and it must keep privileged programs of credits. Besides the financial stimulus   is important the role of the state   of the growth of information of viticulture about the items as the demand of the different types of the Georgian wines  existed on the foreign markets, growing  and technology of its producing, realizing of wines or wine materials independently, turning  of viticulture from traditional family farming to modern type of business.etc. Proper state structures must cooperate more actively and support to develop joint investigations and realizing joint projects.  Carrying out the investigations are often  stopped  by non-existed data and the difficulties to find them..By the state  and active cooperation of the scientific circles will be grown the amount of deep investigations about the actual items of agriculture, will appear new initiatives. Will be  simplified making decisions for working out the politics of agriculture and will be grown their effectiveness. 

In the article are offered  the recommendations of grant programs to be made into action that will support  to create small family  farming and providing them with suitable equipments. The regulation of wine quality is also necessary. Falsified wines mustn’t be sold. From the side of the state it’s desirable the legislation to be made strict. Particularly active work must be done for diversifying wine markets.