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Journal number 4 ∘ Levan kikilashviliRusudan Kvaratskhlelia
Ecocity role and importance in empowering of human life degree

Expanded Summary

Nowadays when Georgia, has become European Leading country for the first time in Georgian history it’s getting more and more important just to make deeper relationship with the European Union.

Georgia has defined 4 priorities for the cheerleading and they are: human rights and environmental protection. As we know the connection Eurpoean Union and Georgia consist of environmental protection and meal insecuarance just support the degree of human health and life duration.

As we know the greatest importance of sickness and death has caused by uncatching diseases. For this reason living accommodation greatly affects on human life duration and health condition, we get in touch with risk factors almost everywhere. Such as: air pollution (degrees of inner and outer air), inadequate water(hygienic and sanitary), chemicals and bio-agents, radiation, agricultural remains, building works (tools), roads, climate disorder, labor risks, noise. As for atmosphere pollution, there are very important hard particles, such as: ultrasound dispersed, finely dispersed and hard particles (atoms of sea salt, flying dust, black sage, painting pigments, tobacco smoke, cement dust and exhaust photochemical smog, insecticide dust) expanding through atmosphere. Also health problems are caused by: carbon dioxide, carbon rust, nitric oxid and concentration of sulpar. Dioxide, which is noticeable through the air in a great deal.

As for water, a substantial source of pollution comes from the accommodation sector. By flooding urban unclean water from dirty water objects, we can find: pesticide nitrates and phosphates rushed agricultural grounds. We have also problems with poisonous chemicals and their uncontrolled usage whenever, low level of education.

Heavy metals are also big problems. During the last century, their weight has highly gained through the air. Global researches have discovered that the level of all the stuff we use daily is full of heavy metals. 

We know that everything that touches our skin gets into our body and cells which gets the main reason for heart diseases. Heavy metals can cause destroyment of our DNA endocrine system. Just to clean our body from heavy toxins we need to make serious detoxicational cleanings. This needs a great deal of vital ingredients Just to Survive Health condition of our body. Heavy metals are especially dangerous for children. This and many other important facts are evident proof, of the fact.

Nowadays it’s extremely important to empower consciousness of the human brain from this point of view. Also giving more information to business sectors. As they will be in touch with resources on how to fight against all these unhealthy materials and protect human health.

We think that building sectors must be interested by building not in the center of the city where probabilities of pollution are higher but countrysides where ecological environment is more insecure. These are groups of people who follow a healthy lifestyle such as regularly resting in resources, healthy food, physical activities, although they are surrounded with extremely polluted environments wherever they go. We also can meet people who by the reason of provoking genetics, are under risks of different diseases. We think these people should live in ecocities, where their health safety will be maximally protected, in conditions of waste recycling, modern ecologically insecure technical conditions.

Ecocities will host ecotourists, by demonstrating modern ecologically insecure technologies. Ecocities will surely be interesting for such people as: freelancers, throughout the world. Their work contains some kinds of danger because of sitting style with computers for a long time, where ecocity will more or less balance their health condition.

Ecocity will be involved into the closed system of waste treatment. For the dwellers on such territories products will be made complexly on this territory and will be planted such plants that make more oxygen.

Keywords:Eco city, Innovation-Novation, on-hazardous technologies, disease prevention, economic empowerment.