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Journal number 2 ∘ Manana kharkheli Giorgi Miqeladze
Main Sources of Time Saving


Expanded Summary

The article discusses the main sources of time savings.  People perceive the flow of time differently. For some it runs fast, for some it is very slow. However, in fact, time passes as it should. The only resource people have equally is time. successful people are those, who are able to use time effectively, or in other words, who can in one day do more tasks than others can.

The manager is a member of group. He/she is in charge of not only himself/herself but the entire collective. However, each team member and manager have equal time opportunities, the difference is that the staff member are responsible only on their own time, and manager manages - both personal and team members time.

Working conditions in the organization and Work–life balance has significant impact on the employee's job   performance.  It is necessary to improve working conditions in the workplace, for which it is needed to create comfort, approve well designed Infrastructure,  taking into account sanitary-hygienic and socio-psychological factors. It should also be remembered that the rational use of working time is highly dependent on the individual's ability to work.

An environment where leaders are given the opportunity to influence people and enhance their image are  meetings. Therefore, any attempt by a leader to create a positive reputation in the eyes of employees requires a good preparation process. Accordingly, time management trainers and specialists, give us recommendations, during meetings to be professionals, don't be uninteresting, speech should be laconic, and all attendees should respect others time and don’t waste it.

As we mantioned above, the article is ralated to time saving topic, related to these, we should say that, management and whole organization need to give employees normal working condition, because, it will reduce time expenses, second important recommendation is, that, management should well organize meetings.Also, a human can save his/her time by improving self-management skills. Finally, we can say that when people will manage well their time, this will increase not only the level of success of the organization, but also it will be good for the entire community.

Key words: Working objects. Working equipment, Labor efficiency, Rational use of time, Self-management, Endogenous and exogenous functions.