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Journal number 4 ∘ Giorgi Sanadze
“High-Technological Man” – The Key human factor of Innovation Economics

DOI: 10.36172/EKONOMISTI.2020.XVI.04.Sanadze


The following article clarifies some of new circumstances in line with innovative economic development. Nowadays, economic growth is closely depended on innovative and high-tech based assets. The economy is reality, raised through entrails of society, while at the same time society is a community based on a certain structure of people. In this turn, we can easily assume humans as a supreme actor within the implementation of the economy itself. 

The development of the economy, namely in innovative angles is impossible without human factors (theoretical constructs). In the XXI century, the demand on high tech-based production and services are increased gradually. Noteworthy, that innovation issues were relatively less popular in the economic field before the 1990s. Innovative economics is a theory, which focuses on the active use of high-tech tools and knowledge, in order to elaborate relevant products or services, unlike the traditional model of economics. When we are discussing the important matters of human factors in economics it is necessary to take into account the theoretical concept, which has been introduced by Adam Smith and called “HOMO ECONOMICUS” (“Economic Man”). Referring to the more popular definition, this concept implies a human theoretical construct (model), with the main purpose to obtain maximum economic benefit or profit. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to expand both its own production and the corresponding capital investments, by Adam Smith. The HOMO ECONOMICUS theoretical concept can be defined as a profit and benefit-oriented model. HOMO ECONOMICUS is a warehouse of suitable groups of factors and categories, in line with human goals and relevant knowledge, which might be used in order to achieve properly defined goals.

Modern society pays great attention to an innovative economy. The specific skills of HOMO INOVATICUS become more and more irrelevant to the existing reality as the demand for high-tech products increases in modern society. Therefore, HOMO ECONOMICUS is honored to organize any kind of economic activity. Some of the scientists definitely criticize the concept of HOMO ECONOMICUS. In particular, by Peter Drucker, the theory of the "economic man" has no longer be relevant to existing reality. Drucker finds some difficulties to call an "economic person" those, who fulfills colossal amount of work for a small fee. That is why Drucker thinks that the sun of the "economic man" has long since rested, and it has largely become a tool for more political battle. That’s why the demand for a completely new type of theoretical concept of the human factor is needed. It can be called HOMO HI-TECHICUS (or High-tech man). The concept of "high-tech man" includes a set of technical skills that are crucial for the development of modern high-tech tools and software, as well as their usage.

Consequently, when we talk about the innovative economy and its further development, we do not forget the importance of the specific skills that characterize the concept of HOMO HI-TECHICUS. In addition to the above mentioned, in my opinion, HOMO HI-TECHICUS also incorporates the best features of already mentioned above HOMO INNOVATICUS.

In order to implement a high-tech innovative economy (and to strengthen capacity building of HOMO HI-TECHICUS), it is necessary to carry out suitable preparatory measures, where the main focus will be on training of professional staff carrying out scientific-research and exploration-design works in the country. Enterprises namely focused on establishing or using high-tech facilities impose conditions on their potential employees that cannot be met without proper knowledge. It is noteworthy that employees are already free to work remotely from the office. Work outside of the office does not negatively affect the quality of the entire work at all. HOMO HI-TECHICUS is privileged to invent or use facilities based on high technological issues.

Referring to the above mentioned, HOMO HI-TECHICUS should be defined as the creator of a modern, innovative economy. This concept ensures a society with high-tech-based wealth, which can play a key role in the future in order to develop a sustainable economy in the country.  

According to all of the mentioned above, if in Georgia the special attention would be paid to the development of high-tech based products or services, it will contribute to the country's success and prestige at the international level and cause significant development of our country's economy.

Thus, in my opinion, given the current situation, HOMO HI-TECHICUS can be defined as the most complete model for most of this stage. A high-tech person is the supreme creator of an innovative economy based on high technology. Therefore, due to the increasing demand for high-tech products and services, the "high-tech man" can be considered as the most complete theoretical model for this stage.