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Journal number 4 ∘ Elisabed Baliashvili
The state of activity of logistics companies and development prospects in Georgia

Expanded Summary

The article discusses and substantiates the role of effective management of logistics systems in companies engaged in international business. Also, the state of activity of the logistics companies of Georgia, the existing problems and prospects of the country's development in this direction have been investigated. Certain recommendations are given for the country to engage in international business as fully as other developed countries. The object of the research is represented by both resident and international logistics companies present in the market of Georgia.

Georgia, like many highly developed and developing countries of the world, is actively involved in world trade and globalization. The desire to get involved is getting stronger, and our country should not be left behind in these processes, which can be achieved by introducing innovations in business companies, improving the supply chain and information-technological environment, and introducing modern logistics systems and their effective management.

Globalization and related international economic relations have completely changed the process of mutual influence and cooperation between countries and regions, in which information technologies and the Internet play a major role. Modern information technologies also had a great impact on the block of supply and logistics and received the name of business logistics. Electronic banking operations based on SWIFT and SWIFT II, ​​as well as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport, Trade and electronic data exchange in transport) to create systems.

In the modern world, "Blockchain" is becoming more and more popular, which is developing rapidly, and it can be said that it is one of the "breakthrough technologies" of the technologies of the modern world. Its priority aspects are discussed and substantiated in the work, in particular, it can:

• make the supply chain more robust and traceable;

• ensure security, immutability and authenticity;

• Reducing the complexity of the supply chain and simplifying the process.

The research conducted by the World Bank in 2018 reveals that in terms of the development of the logistics system in Georgia, we are at a rather low level, in the rankings we occupy the second place of a hundred countries, which means that we are behind not only many highly developed countries of the world, but also - developing countries, for example, our friendly country - Ukraine.

According to the 2018 survey, Germany is still the leader according to the LPI index = 4.20 points. According to the compilers of the index, obtaining a high or satisfactory evaluation of the efficiency of the logistics system in Georgia was prevented by the existing problematic issues, for example, the delay of the procedures at the border checkpoints and the existing tariff policy.

Forwarding companies represent an important part of the logistics market in Georgia.

The big five leading forwarding companies in the Georgian market are TNT, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, GEBRUDER WEIS - they are well-known brands in the international market, although all of them already have a representative office in Georgia and have been successfully operating in our country for quite some time.

For the last few years, Georgian forwarding companies have been trying to provide strong competition to the leading international logistics companies, and in this regard, the "Bene Group" is leading, according to the logisticians, they are working on a new transit web platform and application, which makes it easier for users to calculate the tariff rate according to the selected route and cargo data, and receive tracking information. and be able to easily monitor their cargo. All this is directly related to awareness, which makes the producer much more organized.

In order to assess the trade relations of the country, based on the cargo turnover data, the paper examines the state of development of the following logistics channels - railway, sea, road and air transport. Argued conclusions and opinions are made based on the received results.

It is determined that by introducing information technologies, effective supply chain management and logistics infrastructure, and increasing the service quality of diverse services, it is possible to maintain an increased number of new customers (cargo owners). Georgia should use all possible ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of the logistics system to increase the economic performance of our country.

For the efficient operation of Georgian logistics companies, it is necessary to implement the following stimulating measures:

• Some changes should be made in the tax code, it needs to be adjusted;

• Due to the low level of infrastructure development, its improvement and improvement should be ensured;

• High domestic shipping rates and others should be changed.

 All this prevents the resident companies from developing properly, while reducing the volume of freight traffic passing through the Georgian corridor. In total, due to such barriers, the country loses quite a lot of economic benefits.

Key words:Logistics, transport-logistics hub, blockchain, cloud computing.