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Journal number 4 ∘ Nino Tchanturia
Influence of Brand on Consumer Buying Behavior

Expanded Summary

A brand is an important element of a company's value and accounts for the largest part of its revenues. Being a successful brand means being competitive in the market. Today, companies are mostly trying to increase profits not at the expense of product sales volume. but through making a good impression on the customer and gaining their trust and positioning in the market. All this can be achieved by creating a strong brand and its rational management. That is why it is very relevant today to study and analyze the issues of brand creation, promotion and development.

The main goal of the work is a thorough analysis of the existing theories about the brand and the study of its components. Also, determining whether the brand has an impact on the customer and the purchase process.

The subject and object of the research is the specifics of brand creation and management processes. Identifying and analyzing the factors that affect the consumer and encourage them to buy a branded product.

The methodological basis of the presented research is the study and analysis of the obtained information. A survey was also conducted, the resulting data were processed in SPSS.

The independent variable brand and on the other hand the dependent variable consumer behavior in the buying process, according to the study, acquire statistical significance and their coefficients differ from 0 except for the only variable, which is gender. According to the results, gender does not affect the customer's decision. Ultimately, the research showed that the brand influences the consumer's buying process.

People buy well-known brands to show others their status, circle of acquaintances also influences the purchase decision, because people mostly share the advice and opinion of others. Consumers also become more loyal to specific brands, but as they age, their income also decreases, which is why they often have to give up expensive products.

Finally, we confirm that there is a positive correlation between branding and consumer behavior in the buying process. Therefore, branding has a great influence on consumer decisions. The accuracy of the data obtained by the online questionnaire is 89% valid and reliable. Future studies should be conducted and evaluated to determine the impact of consumer behavior on branding in the purchasing process.

Keywords: branding, brand, consumer behavior