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Journal number 3 ∘ Tengiz Verulava Avtandil Jorbenadze
Assistance of the United States of America in the development of the health care system of Georgia

Expanded Summary


The contribution of the American people and the government to the construction of Georgia's statehood, its democratic, economic and social development is invaluable. Also, the merit of the USA in bringing Georgia's health care system out of the crisis in the first years of independence, and in its subsequent reformation and development, is also very important. During this extremely difficult period, with the help of the USA, many people were saved from hunger, illness, death and their health conditions improved. American aid to Georgia can be divided into three stages: humanitarian aid (medicines and medical consumables), technical aid (bringing new directions of medicine to the country, raising the education of medical personnel and society, promoting the development of the health care system (with various US organizations, foundations, scientific research institutions Doing joint projects, programs and research.) This fact confirms the strong support of the United States of America to help the Georgian people in building a democratic society, ensuring security, achieving the country's prosperity and economic progress.

Key words: US aid, Georgian healthcare, healthcare system