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Journal number 2 ∘ Naira Gvedelashvili
The Characteristics of the Organization Culture Formation

Extensive Resume

In the article, based on the individual researchers critical options and analyses of the organizational and corporate culture, also trademark style formation and management principle formed authorised some options about managment culture, common charactaristic system values, understanding what are main and how it does influence employee personnel, organizationsl structure and control mechanism, formation of human resources behavior norms, specific actions etc.

In the modern stage, organizational culture has a major role in achieving the success of any company,  increasing competitiveness  and provide the company’s sustainable development.

It should be remarked that, organizational culture is known with the following features: selection of human resources, attracting, hiring, adapting, selecting wages, stimulating, reporting and control, also organizational structure, style of business relation, management style etc.

Along with the organizational culture, it plays significant role with its main features a corporative culture. In particular: the level of corporate management, regulations, corporate spirit, folklore, etc.

As for the corporate style, it is a symbolic expression of the culture of the firm. This is something an external marker (labeling) that has to provide advertisements, internet-web sites, company awareness, etc.

The corporate style might include not only the sight but also the sound symbolism, which will be used in various events. In the corporate style external design also plays huge role. It includes an architectural design that starts from the firm's manufacturing and office buildings. Frequently, the address of the firm (in what part of the city it is located and what neighbors are there) plays a decisive role for its image. (For example, different image has a company which is located on the Vera and different which is located in Varketili )

Human resources appearance has influence on the image and reputation of the company. It is true, that it is a delicate theme, but as famous company image-making technology shows it is quite important. Everybody has to remember, that human recourses appearance has important role for career success.

It should be noted, that today the main formalise moment for the organizational culture, which is connected to the used technology of the organization,  technological culture and discipline,  is reflected in the organizational documents.

In general, the content of organizational culture coincides with the structure of management   mechanism, which includes: administrative organizational, economic and informational mechanism and human resources work.

As for corporate culture, it is a system of common values, what is the main and how does it affects the corporate activities, employed personnel, organizational structure and control mechanism.

Experience of western companies shows that today pays immense role values such as: teamwork, customer-oriented, creativity, ability to compromise etc.

Vlues and norms may be written or oral.

In the formation of corporate culture main role has personnel policy, selection of personnel, disposition and adaptation. For this may be used recruitment or specialist transfer specific methods.

Development of any organizational culture requires from its management to decide following tasks and implement certain main functions such as: Integrative, stabilizing, control, communicative, innovative, evaluative, purposeful, imagery etc.

What is main and important, work culture of the company can develop human resources motivation, create attractive image for the company, certain environment, build partnership with external groups, on which depends success of the company.

Corporation (corporate thinking and corporate aspiration) is an intangible factor of modern management.

Also, attitude to the corporate process should be with open mind. The loyalty of personnel to its own firm is good, but we should look from other side to this issue: Even the most trusted worker might not be the most smart, adroit and capable. Because of that the management of company should carry to find loyal staff as well as to create team, because in this case the company can develop fast.