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Journal number 3 ∘ Nugzar Paichadze

Expanded Summary 

Theoretical and  methodological issues of organizational behavior  has been  developed on the given topic by such  well known scientists as: M. Armstrong, G. Simon, D. Romans, P. Blau, D. Znanetski, R. Makiver, T. Harsons and others.

In the structure of organizational behavior   are separated  personal, group and common organizational levels. As a result of study  of social effect of  groups’ behavior  the researchers, who are working on the given problem have come to the conclusion, that  the collective (group) methods of  work organization and  behavior  have significant advantages and  priority compared to the individuals.

On the contemporary  stage of public development particular importance is devoted to the processing of efficient methods and forms of management  of  the  governmental and municipal  employees  work manners and behavior. In the  government and municipal system, management of  workers’  group  is implemented  with the help of organization culture, which gives an opportunity to  make it possible to use the possibilities and advantages of social-cultural factors as much as possible. In particular, it facilitates  determination of the main target function of the government  and municipal service, raising the professional activity  culture of the workers, usage of self-organized technologies ( organizational traditions and interpersonal rituals and etc.).In increasing  of working efficiency of the employees  of the government and municipal bodies on the contemporary  stage of public development,   the most attention is devoted to the management of  organization behavior of human activity  of the employees working in the given field. Unfortunately,  from this point of view, there is a serious  defect in Georgia. Now briefly, about some of them:

No proper attention is paid to the effective management and activity of the government  and municipal personnel, methods and forms of processing and implementation;

It is still weakly targeted impact on organizational behavior , the primary  task of which  is to set up the latest intermediate and distant tasks of the workers group and to engage the workers in  realization of these tasks.

Not very seldom, informational-communication system cannot provide  rational management of organizational behavior in the given  sphere of activity.  Its formation could not be performed due to the  significant interests of the organization;

Very often there is not  an arranged system of  business or service activity ;

In the system of government and municipal  services  management of working groups are not  implemented with the help of   rising  organization culture, as it is  happened in  economically well developed countries. This  does not  allow  to have  possibility to be maximally applied  the   possibilities and priorities of  socio-cultural factors for their best.

To the direction of  perfection Management of Organizational behavior of  the employees  of Georgian  Government and Municipal bodies, it is purposeful to be implemented the following measures, as:

1)  Special attention should be devoted to processing and introduction the efficient  means, methods and forms  of      government and municipal employees organizational behavior. While managing  organizational behavior  such approaches as: a) determination of  specific situational and strategic priorities of behavior;  b) Creation and establishment  of  Communicative Interaction rational system; c) Elaboration and implementation of the methods of work  efficiency .

2) to devote much more attention to  targeted impact on organizational behavior, the  primary task of which is to  aim the nearest, intermediate and  farther tasks and to involve the employees in their realization;

3)  In all sections of  governmental and municipal services to be created  information-communication systems to provide   rational  management of  organizational behavior;

4) To create a system of assessing  performance of the  governmental and municipal employee's work, which will  ensure raising motivation for the workforce.

5) In the system of governmental and municipal services , while managing labor groups, a special attention should be paid to organizational culture raising issues, in order to receive  maximal advantages  and possibilities from  the  social-cultural factors.