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PhD of economy - Department of Management, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw and Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology, University of Warsaw, Poland. Chairman of the Program Board, Head of Innovation Department of the International Institute of Innovations Science-Education-Business in Warsaw, Poland. Finance and banking expert. Member of the Scientific Association for Organization and Management, Warsaw, Poland. Member of the Association of Brokers and Advisors, Warsaw, Poland. Chief economist of HSI Capital investment fund, Poland. Scientific specialization: management, organization and finances of enterprises, risk management in enterprises and financial institutions, finances and banking. Scientific area of interests and research: Corporate finance management, corporate financial analysis, business intelligence in the enterprise, credit, operational, system and information risk management, in the IT bank systems in financial institutions, transfer security  of secret data in the IT bank systems and the Internet, financial risk analysis in relations to information systems risk, using modern IT in functioning financial institutions, enterprises and public entities, using advanced models of risk analysis in bank activity, financial crisis and bank activity towards the risk analysis of bank activity towards the analysis of a national situation and the global economy.