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Journal number 1 ∘ Rusudan Kvaratskhelia Levan kikilashvili
Green Business - For Health Promotion


Expanded Summary

"Greening" modern business, taking into account the principles of eco-friendliness is an important opportunity to increase the goodwill of the business, to increase demand for the product, and create more economic wealth. The introduction of "green" technologies in business is a particularly growing trend in the modern world. Businesses strive to adhere to international eco-standards in order to effectively respond to customer-specific requirements, enter the global marketplace, and establish a firm foothold. The number of "green" economic entities is growing every year. Most of them inform the public that they use environmentally safe technologies, the product manufactured by them does not contain life-threatening, harmful to human health, environmental pollutants. Recently, the tendency to create a "green" environment in offices has been established in the world. This is one of the most important factors in attracting potential employees from employers. As a result, there is more motivation for employment in this service among the population. All this is reflected in the goods for sale with certain markings, signs, which the consumer is giving more and more advantages. In the current situation in Georgia, against the background of the proliferation of non-communicable diseases, especially related to eating unhealthy products, use of repairs containing toxic substances during expensive "Euroremont", toxic substances in clothes, shoes, stationery, children's toys, and more pays attention to the labeling of the goods and the goodwill of the manufacturer. Overall, however, consumer awareness and education levels in this area are still significantly low. The level of education of the manufacturer is also low. Consequently, the demand for ecologically safe products in the market is still low, hence the supply is also low. The most important thing our generation can do today is to raise awareness of the next generation. Ensuring the development of "green" and eco-friendly skills in them, in order to develop themselves into entrepreneurs who will not harm the environment, human health, will be healthy themselves and will receive more economic benefits. Only in this way can we develop a "sustainable economy", so the promotion of "green business" is of great importance today for the promotion of society, the next generation of healthcare.

Agritourism in Georgia will be much more effective and attractive if agritourism facilities pay more attention to the introduction of biologically clean methods in their farms. Agritourism who are looking for interesting places, destinations around the world are motivated to explore and observe special technologies that will be backed by modern achievements with traditional, historical experiences and approaches. Georgia has a really rich history in the field of agriculture, with special traditions and specific products. Here we note that today when the modern era is also called the era of genetic engineering and criminalization, the direction of bio-agriculture is gaining more and more importance. If the rural as well as the eco-tourism sector, as well as the entire tourism sector, pays particular attention to bio-destinations, this will enable the country to become more popular in a short period of time and attract a much higher paying segment. Today, organic food is much more expensive in the food market worldwide than chemically grown products.

It is also desirable for a small country like Georgia to focus on agricultural areas that allow us to harvest more land. An excellent example of this is microgreens. It is quite possible for agro-tourists to be specifically interested in this product and to be specially invited to get the best practices for growing micro-herbs (which we have actually successfully introduced in the country).

Bioaggregation - This is a system of agricultural production based on ecologically safe processes that helps maintain natural balance and bioagrodiversity in the ecosystem. The recent trend in the world is really noticeable - the growth of organic farming areas, these areas have doubled over the last decade and exceeded 38 million hectares. Organic farming is an alternative to intensive agriculture.

Bioproduct is a product made from environmentally safe raw materials, which is harmless, as it has undergone control to ensure compliance with the requirements of sanitary-hygienic standards and which is stored, transported, and sold only in accordance with the requirements of bio-standards.

Silkworm breeding-agritourism in Georgia would be especially attractive for agritourists if more attention is paid to the restoration of the silk industry in the country. For both domestic and foreign tourists, educational, agro-related tours related to silkworm breeding can be planned effectively, interestingly, cognitively, and entertainingly.

Silk has been made in Georgia since ancient times. According to historical sources, in ancient Kolkheti (western Georgia) as early as BC. წ. In the XIY century, they knew the secret of making both flax and silk thread.

Organic-based agritourism

Organic farming is beneficial for the community, in terms of the market supply of organic products, as well as for nature, ecology, as it contributes to the environment, animal welfare, as well as its economic and social benefits in rural development. Inorganic breeding, alternative treatment methods such as homeopathy and phytotherapy are used without side effects. It should also be noted that these methods of prevention and treatment are characterized by much lower costs than veterinary treatment performed by chemical means.

At the modern stage, the production of ecological products in the field of animal husbandry, in particular in the field of meat, where pig breeding occupies one of the most important places, becomes especially important and in demand.

For agro-tourists who come to Georgia to explore nature, the environment, study agricultural directions, and other purposes, it is important to taste Georgian gastronomy, outstanding culinary masterpieces, and masterclasses in this direction. As you know, meat is one of the main ingredients of many Georgian, famous, and demanded dishes. Meat is even more delicious and special when the animal or bird itself is raised in the best conditions, without any chemical additives, hormones, and antibiotics. Grown with biologically pure methods, bio-fed animal and poultry meat have uniquely unique taste properties for barbecue, khinkali and other dishes, which is a real business card for almost every tourist or other restaurant.

Keywords: green business, healthcare, green, promotion, eco-friendly, kids health.