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Journal number 4 ∘ Rusudan Dalakishvili Nino Tchanturia
Effectiveness of Digital Marketing

Doi: 10.36172/EKONOMISTI.2021.XVII.04.Rusudan.Dalakishvili/NinoTchanturia

Expanded Summary 

In today’s digital age, marketers face new challenges and opportunities. The 21st century is considered to be the century of the consumer, which is why the main task of any business is to correctly determine what the needs and wants of the consumer are. Marketers use electronic media to promote a product or service in the marketplace This includes not only email addresses, social media and web advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel. Essentially, if a marketing campaign involves digital communication, it is digital marketing.

The effectiveness of digital communication depends on the purpose of the company, the tasks, the financial capabilities and more. Therefore, when implementing a marketing plan, we must correctly define who our segment will be in order to choose the form of digital communication accordingly.

For any business to succeed it is essential to keep abreast of market trends, and use all effective ways of delivering information. They should be where their potential customers are, and such place is the Internet.

The number of Internet users in Georgia has been growing since 2000. Today, the number of Internet users in the world is more than 4.54 billion. 83.8% of families living in Georgia are provided with internet. This is why we can say that businesses that do not search online and do not use digital tools extensively are doomed. It was this development of the internet that led to the transition to a new stage of marketing. Today, companies are turning to digital marketing, which is based on communicating with consumers through electronic devices. Which is the most powerful and cheapest means of information.

The Internet is a major digital marketing channel, but digital marketing is different from Internet marketing in that it uses both online and offline channels.

Just two decades ago, the concept of digital marketing was unknown to both consumers and marketers. Along with the growth of internet users, digital marketing has become more and more popular and effective. Companies try to use it to establish direct communication with the target audience and chain them, tablets to smartphones, and so on. It is essential for any business to be competitive in the digital marketplace. Digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

To be one of the most competitive players in the market, you need to have some marketing tactics on how to "play" on different digital platforms.

The process of business development today is not so simple. To create a recognizable brand you needed to be where your customers are. In this, today digital marketing companies and its channels help to provide information to customers easily and quickly. The important thing is to have exactly our goal set and to know where we want our company to be after a certain period of time. The rest need the right "digital plan."

The article focuses on the importance of digital marketing for both marketers and consumers. Consider whether digital marketing has an impact on sales. In addition, the paper discusses the differences between traditional and digital marketing. The aim of the research is to determine which of the digital marketing tools is popular in Georgia. Also, how effective is the use of these tools and whether it increases sales.

The study was conducted based on both primary and secondary information. For the purpose of the research, 100 companies using different digital marketing systems to sell their products or services were interviewed using random sampling and online questionnaire. In addition, data was collected from 50 digital marketing managers to understand their views on the effectiveness of digital marketing. After organizing and sorting the collected information, they were analyzed using various statistical tools. The results of the research are presented both descriptively and analytically.

Digital channels have become an important part of the strategy of many companies in marketing. Nowadays, for a small business owner, it is a cheap and effective way to market a product or service. Digital marketing has no boundaries. The company can use any device like smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, digital billboards and media like social media, search engine optimization and many more both for the company's self-promotion as well as for its products and services.

Digital marketing can be more successful if it is tailored to the needs of consumers. Most marketers in Georgia use social media and SMM marketing. Companies need to create innovative customer experiences and specific strategies for the media to determine the best way for digital marketing to be effective.