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For authors

Rule of registration of the article and the format of the text:

  • Authors are permitted to present the articles in Georgian, English and Russian languages;
  • Article presented in English language should be enclosed with the full translation or expanded resume (2-3 pp.) in Georgian language (for Georgian-speaking authors), or only expanded resume (2-3pp.) in English language (for foreign authors);
  • Article presented in Russian language should be enclosed with expanded resume (2-3 pp.) in Georgian and English languages (for Georgian-speaking authors), or expanded resume (2-3pp) only in English language (for foreign authors);the article should be presented in DOC format ( MS-Word);
  • Size of the paper - A4;
  • Margin: up-down - 2sm; right-left- 2,5 sm;
  • Font: for Georgian text- Sylfaen and AcadNus; for English (Russian) text- Times New Roman;
  • Font size-12;
  • Distance between lines- 1,5;
  • Paper is not numbered;
  • Data of authors;
  • Name, surname of the author (authors) (aligned, font size - 12);
  • Short academic biography (no more than 100 words);
  • Drawings, pictures, schemes, photos, illustrations, tables should be given under the corresponding text or on the subsequent page;
  • Drawings, pictures, schemes, photos, illustrations, tables (format – from 90X120mm to 130X120mm) should be numbered by the Arab figures;
  • If only one illustration is given in the text, it is not numbered;
  • In case of necessity, drawings, pictures, schemes, photos, illustrations, tables can be entitled and/or the short explanation can be enclosed under the name of the material, in the same place,;
  • Drawing should be displayed on the screen without hindrances (capability to distinguish 96-150 dpi);
  • Name of the article (aligned, Bold, font size - 14);
  • Short summary (no more than 8 lines) in the article language (inclined, Italic, font size - 12) where the main scientific results of the article (news)will be expressed; the summary should not contain quotes from used literature and/or drawings, schemes, photos, illustrations, tables;
  • Linking words - no more than five - in article language (inclined, Italic, font size - 12);
  • The main part of the article, which contains introduction (relevance), main text and  conclusion - (font size - 12);
  • Electronic version of the article should be submitted (address: Tbilisi, G. Kikodze Street 14, 0105, TSU Paata Gugushvili Institute of Economics: info.ekonomisti@pgie.tsu.ge);
  • Author is obliged to adhere the style of citing of the journal (see the link);
  • Articles that entered into the journal will be transferred to two independent experts for reviewing;
  • Identities of experts are confidential taking into consideration the standards of the international ethics;
  • Article will be published only if it is positively estimated by both experts;
  • Only the editorial board has the right to address the expert for additional explanations in connection with the review;
  • Editorial board is authorized to refuse the printing of article and not to send to experts and/or to return to the author for the purpose of the subsequent processing if considers that it is necessary;
  • Author is obliged to process the article upon the request of the editorial board or the reviewer. Otherwise article will not be printed and/or will not be sent to experts;
  • Return of the article to the author for the subsequent processing does not mean that it is accepted for the publication;
  • After obtaining the processed text, the article will be newly reviewed by the editorial council;
  • Author is obliged to specify e-mail address and telephone number. If there are problems with communication or it will become impossible, the editorial council is authorized to suspend or refuse printing of the article;
  • Author is authorized to demand acquaintance with the review;
  • Author has no right to make changes and additions in already published article;
  • Author is responsible for the content of the article and its publication;
  • Authors and reviewers are responsible morally and ethically for scientific quality of the publication;
  • Position of the author of the article may not coincide with the position of the editorial council;
  • Editorial office of the journal does not bear the responsibility before authors and/or third parties and organizations if they suffer in any form from this publication;
  • Publication of abstracts of the doctoral dissertations defended at faculty of economy and business of TSU is possible on the website of the journal for the purpose of the support of doctoral candidates, in case of their desire.

The cost of publishing one page of the journal is 5 USD. Article that will be evaluated by more than 90 points will be printed for free.


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Address, please, the editorial office of the journal for additional information.

Editorial council of the journal “Ekonomisti” thanks you for cooperation.


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