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Professor of Business Technologies Faculty of Georgian Technical University, head of master program in "Agribusiness Management" and PhD program in "Agrarian Economics". Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia.

Was born on September 5, 1956 in Kutaisi. Graduated from Agricultural Institute of Georgia with specialization of  agroeconomics.  He has published more than 250 scientific works (both in Georgia and abroad), including 8 monographs and 6 manuals. The areas of his scientific activities are: agrarian economy, agricultural cooperatives, food security, land and rural development policies.

Paata Koguashvili was awarded with the Order of Honor, Akaki Tsereteli Prize, Honorable Diplomas of Georgian National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In 2014, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences awarded the rank of best scientist in the field of agricultural economics.